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We are three cuban programmers that once in Cuba dreamed about how to create tools for people around the world. We are in United States now and we are doing a lot of programming. This web site is going to be the place to put all our tools that we developed in our free time.

HUD Tenant

Our first product is HUD Tenant. It can be found in Google Market Place(Google Play) or in Apple Store. It is an utility for calculating the tenant rent for people in Public Housing or Section 8 programs. This version is based on simple questions but we expect to improve it until it does a good guess based on only these simple questions. This version is not rounding perfectly as it supposed to do so you may find a difference(+/- 1 dollar) with the Housing Authorities calculations. We think that 99 cents is a fair price for this application that can help you calculate your rent(approximately) before or after doing your re-certifications.

For more information about HUD Tenant click on this url

The information used to create these products is coming from HUD web site. You can download the 50058 form in pdf format from here

Amway Utils

We had also created an app for helping IBOs or just general people to know if Amway could help them to create a better future for their life.

Amway Utils is a tool for understanding better how you can get benefit from associating with Amway Corp. It will give you several simulators to understand how discounts can work for you, how the store partnership can benefit you. How much money you will get from selling an specific product and how many people you will need to find and training in your organization to be at 25%, to be an Emerald and to be a Diamond. It will also give a calculation so you can be sure that if you persist on this business is very likely that you will succeed.

Ideas Tracker

An app for entering/saving and comparing your ideas and ow much revenue you are expecting to get once you implement them. The variables are Market population/Market Population Percentage you expect to cover, Initial Cost, Monthly Cost, Monthly Sales, Subscription Fee. All this parameters get combined to give you the profits you can expect from the development of your idea. This give you the ability of disregard some of the ideas that at glance seems to be fascinated but will give you poor revenue.

Seven Habits

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a remarkable book that changed my live. This app is tribute to Stephen R. Covey who contributed to change lives by applying the principles described on the book. With this app you will have a summary of the habits near you, at your finger tips, in your phone or your tablet. We hope it can help you to succeed in live according to your principles and goals.

We were able to publish this app in Google Play but unfortunately Apple did not receive this type of application for being similar to a book.

Richest Man in Babylon

An app to have the teachings of this book close to us to remind us what to do to succeed financially.

The Richest Man in Babylon app is a summary of the teachings inside the extraordinary book by George S. Clason. It includes the 7 rules for fattening your wallet and the 5 rules of gold. So you will always have at your finger tips this important rules from becoming a richer person every day. The tool will also provide you the ability to simulate how you could accumulate 1 M dollars if you use the rules the book describe, for example, it will allow you to know how many years would take you to become millionaire based on you income, your monthly saving. Playing with the tool you will discover that it is more important the ability of investing your money than how much are you saving monthly.

We were able to publish this app in Google Play but unfortunately Apple did not receive this type of application for being similar to a book.

Coming soon mobile products

We also have create a 'site' for tools mainly for developers that will contain code generators for common tasks in programming. The web site is

seven habits highly effective people